The Lumberjack Steam Train Begins its 100th Year On the Job

The Lumberjack Steam Train Begins its 100th Year On the Job

It will be the beginning of a very special season when the Lumberjack Steam Train starts its runs for 2016 on Thursday, June 23rd. This year marks the 100th Birthday of the Vulcan steam engine affectionately called Old 4-Spot. It has been a century since this Vulcan steam engine rolled out of the factory doors back in 1916, and 4-Spot has a very distinguished career.

Hauling logs and lumber in the early days, the Lumberjack Steam Train now hauls passengers to the Camp 5 Museum complex, where they spend an enjoyable day in the highly-rated logging museum, meet the animals in the petting zoo, take a fun but educational ride on the Green Treasure Forest Tour, peruse the wares in the Cracker Barrel Gift Store and enjoy a lunch in the open-air restaurant. A corn maze in the shape of the old Vulcan will be an attraction later in the season, and should be a great deal of fun!

The Lumberjack Steam Train leaves the depot on Laona’s west side on U.S. Hwy 8, four times a day, on the hour, beginning at 11:00 a.m. with the last train leaving the depot at 2:00 a.m. The summer season ends on August 20, but the fall season begins on September 3 and will run on September 10, 17, 24, and October 1.

If you like old cowboy movies, you should mark your calendar for July 16 and October 1. The Cowboys will be at Camp 5, and you can bet that the Lumberjack Steam Train will be stopped and robbed by these bad guys, but never fear, there will be a marshal on board to protect everyone from the bad guys! These re-enactors ride pretty horses, sport vintage firearms and authentic clothing from all walks of life, including a preacher, who never has any luck reforming these roughneck train robbers.

Make plans for your ride on the historic Vulcan Lumberjack Steam Train this summer or fall. Old 4-Spot is in fine shape after its first century of service. All it takes is plenty of ongoing restoration, new paint and polishing to keep the Vulcan in tip-top shape and on the job. There may even be birthday cake to celebrate the 100th Birthday of the Lumberjack Steam Train.

The Lumberjack Steam Train has been selected as one of the Top Ten Natural Attractions in the Midwest, appeals to people of all ages and is worth a visit.

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